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20 Apr

Taking time to understand

Posted in Uncategorized on 20.04.10 by Merlyn

The fact that we are all so different means we each need to take time to understand why the other person is responding the way they are. Is this not what we want from other people ourselves? The frustration we feel when we are not understood can disappear quite quickly with a couple of well timed questions and a bit of listening. Asking ‘What is upsetting you about this?” or ” What is your point of view?” will help….and it doesn’t mean you can’t expresss you own point of view. It gives you both a better chance at finding a good solution.



2 comments on this topic

  1. George Hannan says:

    Fiona, I think Resolving Books is a great contribution to enlightenment in a difficult area. Perhaps they are aimed at the younger set, but I feel wouldn’t be lost on adults either!

    1. Fiona McAuslan says:

      Thanks George,
      We have a lot of adults say that they are finding them useful for themselves! We hope to do a series for Adults very soon. More anon……..