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21 Apr

Give children a chance to learn

Posted in Uncategorized on 21.04.10 by Merlyn

As a parent I know how frustrating it is to have a row break out in the back of the car, or over dinner, between the kids. We say things like “For goodness sake get on with each other.” ” Play nicely.” or ” What’s wrong with you….be quiet!”

We expect our 8 and 6 year old to know how to get on.  We are frustrated when they don’t and rarely teach them how to disagree effectively. We want to suppress the row by demanding things like “Say sorry” and I certainly know I have said “She ‘s your sister you need to like her!”

What if we treated this Sibling Rivalry as an opportunity for us to teach our kids how to disagree and resolve, much like we teach them how to read or ride a bike? Instead of presuming they arrive in our arms already programmed to ‘get on’ and become hugely disappointed when they don’t, we could be honest at our own ability to handle rows even as adults and help our children learn over their childhood.


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