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21 Apr

Training the Brain

Posted in Uncategorized on 21.04.10 by Merlyn

I have been watching a programme on the BBC which is researching Brain Training. There is a lot of exercises and the are testing individuals to see whether their brain function can be improved.  It is interesting stuff and the whole area of neuro-science and what it can teach us is gaining in popularity all the time.

Can we learn anything to help us deal with Anger, Bullying or Rowing? …..Yes we can. In the Resolving Books Series ( you will see we have used a Practise Room at the back of the room to encourage repetitive skills learning. This is the model that musicians, dancers etc use to become great performers. Why is this? The more we practice the more our brain adapts to become proficient at the skill.

If we want to manage our anger successfully or resolve our rows effectively we need to practice the skills required on a regular basis. Try the skills in the books and keep practicing………it will make a difference.


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