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13 Dec

Overview of Course

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There will be three main learning modes to the course:


On line Modules:

1. Dynamics of Conflict.

2. Practical Mediation Skills

3. The Emotional Content of Mediation

4. The Process of Mediation

Evening Classes:

The evening classes will be set up as a Community Circle. The principle of this will be to support learning in a shared space.


Course Manual and Reflective Journal

The Course Manual will contain the content of the course. In some cases the content will mirror the On-line Course and in others the two will compliment each other.

Participants will be required to preread the content for that evenings session. This is to maximise the practical skills learning in the sessions.

The Reflective Journal will be the core means of reflective learning for each participant and will be their main core competency for their future peacemaking life.

Therefore there areĀ  five levels of learning:

On-line Course: Introduction to material plus initial exercises.
Manual: Second engagement with material.
First Session: Integration of content.
Second Session: Practical Application of integrated learning.
Reflective Manual: The thread of Reflective Learning throughout the course.


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