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27 May

Children and Marriage Equality

Posted in Uncategorized on 27.05.15 by Merlyn

Ireland has voted to extend marriage to same sex relationships. The country has quite rightly become a focal point for equality issues and a new understanding of what it means to be in a loving relationship. While the referendum was not about children or family in literal terms, much of the focus  has been on whether children would suffer if this vote was passed.

It has been a confusing debate with the the care of children being discussed through the narrow prism of parental gender. To view the posters and listen to the debate, you would think that the only family that existed, other than that of the proposed same sex pairing, was that of the mum and dad in their traditional roles. The reality is very different, of course. Children live in very many different types of families already.

The more important question for our society to consider is HOW we support all types of families to bring up our children. What rights do they have in our communities. Do we listen to them and, if their families get into trouble, do we support them enough.

The turn out for the marriage referendum was 68%. The turn out for the children’s referendum last year was 34%. How high up our priority list are children really? They played a huge part in the arguments about marriage and now that is over, will this nations most important group of citizens stay the focus of our intention?


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18 May

Youtube clip

Posted in Uncategorized on 18.05.15 by Merlyn

Here is a clip talking about the Salt Programme, which helps children resolve their own rows.

The S.A.L.T. Programme is an innovative programme, specially developed for the School Curriculum and is aligned to the key strands of the SPHE (Primary) Programme: Myself, Myself and Others, Relating to Others,Myself and the World. Through The S.A.L.T. Programme, children will learn what conflict is, what it feels like to be in conflict and how to negotiate effectively to create a better outcome for themselves and others. The programme focuses on building each child’s capacity to develop and access their own skills set when dealing with difficult and sometimes emotional situations.

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