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01 Jun

Preparing for State Exams

Posted in Uncategorized on 01.06.15 by Merlyn

Here we are once again at exam time and this time round we have a daughter doing her Leaving Certificate (the Irish final exams that decide your college destination). So far so good, we are ready to worry and fret with the best of the parents…….except Sarah already has a college place. She auditioned in November and got an offer to study at the Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Since then we have been without the parental anxiety that is suppose to accompany us through this final year. What are we to do?

As other parents gear up, shackling their teenagers to their desks, paying for grinds and cooking their favourite foods. We are twiddling our thumbs…..well, maybe not quite. Parents are genetically predisposed to worry, so we are doing our best. Coming out with choice phrases such as “its always better to have a good leaving cert under your belt” or ” Are you sure you’ve studied your Irish enough?. We can’t help ourselves as we offer to go through Maths and Geography with her, whether she needs it or not.

Quite simply, state exams are a right of passage for us parents. We want to be part of it all, worrying our way through every stage. Each step our young people take and each flight out into the world count for us.

Sarah might not need it, but we will worry and fret as all good parents do, regardless of the need. Then we will all move onto the next big family adventure……our sons Leaving Cert in two years time!!



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