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How the Books Work

Inside the pages of these books are colourful cartoon characters, an original story and tips & ideas to help with the subject of the book. There are three sections:

The first section uses cartoons and pictures to help children learn about the subject in the book.

The second is the story which is an everyday story of children who, as the story goes on, learn new and better ways to handle to subject of the book.

The third is the toolbox which is full of handy and easy to use tips and skills to help the reader in their every day life.

The Resolving Books Series is one of the developments coming from the conflict resolution educational initiative in Drumcondra Education Centre. Drumcondra Education Centre, is one of the centres in Ireland which provide training and continued professional development for school teachers.

The transfer of conflict resolution skills in all the education programmes is facilitated through performance methodology. Prior to her career as a mediator, Fiona worked as a symphonic violinist. She has combined both her experience as a performer and a working mediator to develop practice methods and techniques for her programmes.

The books use experiential learning through story, skills learning through exercises and transference of skills through rehearsal.

You can purchase these books at all Veritas stores as well as many other book store outlets.

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